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Ultimate Control Over Your Supercharging Experience!

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By modulating the bypass valve SmoothBoost gives you unprecedented throttle control so you have precise power delivery while still providing neck snapping INSTANT ACCELERATION, cruise efficiency and most of all, reliability.

With fully variable boost pressure, limitations of the vacuum controlled valves are a thing of the past.

Complimenting your supercharger with the SmoothBoost active bypass kit will eliminate issues and restrictions associated with vacuum operated bypass valves:

  • Non-linear throttle pedal
  • Non-variable boost pressures
  • Low vacuum issues
  • Sudden unwanted acceleration
  • Increased belt wear
  • Failed vacuum line or ruptured diaphragm's
  • Constantly swapping pulley's to adjust boost pressure

Now you can take COMPLETE control over your boost level via a electronic controller for your bypass valve! SMOOTHBOOST!

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