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Ultimate Control Over Your Supercharging Experience!

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Supercharging has been around for decades, and vacuum controlled bypass valves have been used to manage the boost levels. Depending on the size of the supercharger and displacement amount of the engine it was installed on, this proved to be problematic for daily driving. For those higher horsepower builds and the limited control of the vacuum activated bypass valve there really isn't happy medium . Its always been a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde situation where one moment you're stepping on the gas after the light turns green and then in a split second you are fighting to keep your hotrod on the road. Especially in wet conditions.

Now you can take COMPLETE control over your boost level via a electronic controller for your bypass valve! SMOOTHBOOST!

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In partnership with Refined Innovations, Modern Muscle Performance launches its new SmoothBoost & Supercharging focused website. Currently we EXCLUSIVELY offer the SmoothBoost and in the very near future will we also be offering great prices and custom SmoothBoost option deals on many popular supercharger kits, like the Whipple, Kenne-Bell, and soon Procharger, etc. We look forward helping our customers get the most out of their supercharged driving experience no matter what brand of hotrod they drive... Stay tuned for many new applications that will be hitting the market.

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