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Ultimate Control Over Your Supercharging Experience!

Centrifugal Supercharger Boost Control Kit by SmoothBoost

Weight:3.0 lbs
Price: $989.00
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SmoothBoost is proud to offer the first ever fully electronic BOV for the Centrifugal Supercharger. Made right here in the USA, this new control kit removes the vacuum actuated Blow-off valve and gives you a precise electronically controlled valve to smooth out your application of throttle. That's not even the best part... With the turn of the SmoothBoost dial you can even set the level of boost you would like from your Supercharger.

This kit includes an adapter to replace the 6 bolt "Red Race Valve"

Say your car has a pulley making 15 psi but your engine can not handle that much boost without race gas and you want to be able to run pump gas without changing the pulley and tune. Easy, just turn the variable boost control dial down to the desired level of Boost. Then when you are ready for the higher HP simply turn the dial to MAX or use the SCAMBLE input on a switch to have 2 preset boost levels.

Boost is referenced on 0-5v signal from the Throttle Position (TPS) instead of the conventional Manifold vacuum (MAP). 

Get rid of any of the annoyances associated with a Vacuum actuated bypass valve  
Great for use with BIG CAMS that don't make enough vacuum to operate the bypass valve correctly
Easier Tuning
Linear Throttle
Ability to Lower boost by about 80+% without swapping pulley's
Boost scramble mode to over-ride lower boost setting
Boost Kill mode that can be interfaced to other electronics 

Boost can be controlled open or closed loop through a standalone ECU using a ( - ) PWM output just as you would a turbo wastegate using our SB-DCA signal converter
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