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Ultimate Control Over Your Supercharging Experience!

ASE Certified Premiere Supercharger Installation Services Provided by Modern Muscle Performance / SmoothBoost!

MMX / SmoothBoost Shop Builds

2014 Challenger 411 HEMI Stroker SmoothBoost Controlled Procharger Supercharged Build by Modern Muscle Performance

We are super excited to talk about this build... Not only did we take this gentleman's 6.4L HEMI and turn it into a 411 stroker, ported his heads, custom grind camshaft, new Fore fuel system, etc., we got to implement some new and extremely cool technology to control the Procharger boost levels! The new technology mentioned above is SmoothBoost... read more...

2008 Jeep SRT8 Build and Whipple Supercharged Shop Build by Modern Muscle Performance

The “Bad Penny” is our very own shop build 2008 Jeep SRT8. Sporting a 392 HEMI crate engine coupled with forged pistons and rods all provided by Modern Muscle Performance including a custom grind camshaft and a Whipple 2.9L supercharger pushing 20+ lbs of boost this monster is seeing over 1000 horsepower at all four wheels. To get that kind of power to the black top some considerable changes... read more...

2007 Jeep SRT Whipple 2.9L Supercharged Build by Modern Muscle Performance

Modern Muscle Performance / owner Dave and Melody Weber weren’t looking for another vehicle but when this WK1 became available with an ailing power plant, Dave just couldn’t resist scooping up this clean WK1 Jeep SRT8. Melody, who is an enthusiast herself, has never been treated to a street ride of her own. So Dave thought what better way than an AWD Jeep... read more...

2008 Jeep SRT Procharger D1-X Supercharged Build by MMX4x4 / Modern Muscle Performance for AZN of Street Outlaws!

Modern Muscle Performance / owner Dave and Stephen the GM were manning our booth during PRI 2016 when AZN happened to be wondering by and saw our “Grouch” Jeep SRT8 build. He immediately stopped and began to look over the build quality and talk to Stephen and Dave about what went into the project.After some discussion AZN made it known... read more...
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